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Probably one of the most epic designs ever to hit the production run, the “Gullwing” became an instant icon of its day. When launched in 1954, it was the fastest production car money could buy. Only 3 258 SL’s were built between 1954 and 1963, which means that buying one today will cost well over R 5.5 million. Proof that money can buy love!


Like watermelon and feta cheese or red wine and coke this fixie is the product of an unlikely combo that just works. Chinese luxury designer label Shanghai Tang and Dutch bicycle maker Colossi Cycling have given us something truly mind blowing! Delicately detailed with mandarin and fuchsia accents, the bike a beautiful reflection of both its parents. Its retail price starts at R 9 800 which is not too steep but probably not suited for anyone who isn’t fixed gear mad!


Most of you won’t know who they are but llot Vintage is giving new life to vintage rangefinder cameras. They remember the days before Kodak lost the plot and declared bankruptcy. Most of the models they refurbish are from 1939 to 1966, including this Canonet QL17 Mansonia. It’s not for the amateur photographer but the pros will love this. 


We are exposed to thousands of pieces of information on a daily basis! On our smart phone, tablets, radio, computers and television it’s no wonder most of us struggle to make sense of it all. This tee by John Naisbitt kind of points to the fact that maybe we should have selective hearing and block out the extra info and try taking in more knowledge…


Bowties have always been the quintessential style of a gentleman and now the must have for hipsters. This Union Butterfly tie is made from wool sourced in the North West of America and is hand made. Their style is an eclectic blend of turn-of-the-century modernism with some North West swagger! 



Zuriick is different. Their designs aren’t driven by the latest trends or by what the market demands. Instead it comes from the things they are most passionate about: people, music, LIFE. With a canvas upper and a stitched leather sole, the Shug Mid is the perfect example of Zuriick’s philosophy to design for every day. Wear them now