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Spring transition…Just keep it simple!


Steve McQueen was a speed freak! He had a pretty impressive garage which included this, the 1956 Jaguar XKSS. It was a straight six and produced 250 HP. Steve got more than his fair share of tickets and it’s easy to see why! Summer is around the corner and having one of these to thrash around on the weekend with will make it so much more the sweeter.


The 60’s were for real men! It gave use the Beatles, Martin Luther King, rock ‘n roll, the Cuban Missile Crisis, civil rights, the first heart transplant, the first Moon landing, contraceptives, hippies, feminism, gay rights, the mini skirt and  well the list goes on. People we’re pushing the limits, questioning authority and living life to the max. Journalist and Explorers Club fellow Jim Clash has compiled 14 interviews with scientists, athletes and explorers who dared to reject the ordinary!  It’s available in e-Book format for around R 130…


Summer is fast approaching and the hunt for kick-ass shades is here! Going natural is definitely a good idea and a cool twist on the norm. Maboo Maui are handmade bamboo shades. They have polarized lenses and come is three “let’s get this party started” colours! We’ve got a feeling they are going to be all the rage this summer, so don’t get left behind. Grab them here for around R 970…

Hockney x Clae Shoes

“Prim and proper yet boldly confident with a low-key wild side,” now that’s one way to describe them! The lads at Clae know shoes and trying to pick which pair you want to buy is as difficult as asking Charlie Sheen to pick between booze and women. The Hocnkey has a classic look with a hint of swag. It comes in a chestnut canvas with a rubber sole. If you don’t have a pair of Clae shoes yet, then quite frankly you are missing out! Buy the Hockney’s here for around R 920…


KIPH has been nominated in the 7th annual South African e-Commerce Awards. The Awards were designed to give recognition to SA’s top sites. They look at aspects such as design, customer service, return policies, product range and a bunch more. Round 1 is currently on its way and we need your awesomeness! Public voting is open until the 16th of September so be a legend and hook us up with a shout out. It’s time to show the big dogs what the little guys are made of! Reject the Ordinary.

Oh and did we mention you can win an iPad just for voting?

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With spring fast approching you going to have begin pulling out those wife-beaters and adding some lightweight appearl to your style. As 1 September is just a few days away you don’t have much time before this cross style theme is no more. Enjoy it while it lasts.