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No Skinny Dipping…Alone!


It’s a pretty simple concept! Drop your drawers, find some water and have a splash. The thrill of being so exposed, the risk of being caught and the shared partnership in “whatever happens at least I’m not alone!” The term “skinny dip” was first coined in England in the 1950’s. Up until the 1970’s swimwear was not allowed in pools and swimming in the buff was compulsory in many British and American schools. Now it’s more about the adrenaline rush you get by breaking the law! The question remains, “What are you doing this weekend?”




Fiat 500 the Original


The 500 was one of the first truly small cars ever produced. It was made between 1957 and 1975 and sold over 3.5 million units. The engine was as tiny as the body it powered, putting out 479cc in a two cylinder engine. Driving one of these through the garden route with the top open is an experience reserved for a lucky few!


What happens when a legendary streetwear brand teams up with a luxury brand? Pure street class! Converse and Missoni decided to go with a special edition of the iconic Pro Leather and Auckland Racer shoe designs. The collection is made from a variety of twenty end-of-line fabrics and is unisex so no one has to miss out. 

Pac-man Wayfarer Sunglasses


Pac-man defined our childhood! In the 80’s Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde and Pac-man changed our lives and now they are back. Ketchupize run by owner Tina is bringing Pac-man back in a big way. She hand paints each piece, with high quality acrylic that won’t crack or fade and seals it with varnish. Tina is funk-ing up summer and we are stoked to join the party! You should definitely hook yourself up with a pair of these for around R 400 here

It Is Time For Spring Haerfest

A quality backpack is essential to every guy’s wardrobe and the choices are plentiful if you know where to look. Gone are the days where a bag was just a bag and as long as everything fitted it would do. Bags have become an expression of our personal style and choice and therefore the decision about which one to buy should be considered carefully. So whether you are navigating the city or exploring the country there is a backpack out there that is designed to make your life just that little bit easier while still making sure you look good.

Unfortunately though, not all backpacks were created equal. Some carry stuff and others make you look good but few do both. Enter Haerfest’s signature AE1 Backpack. Haerfest is a US brand that is known for their clean aesthetic and uncompromising quality. The AE or Alpha Experiment is their first instalment in a limited series of experimental products. The main focus for the series was on the exploration of colour and what the effects of time would be. The result is the AE1 which is made from crimson and burgundy cowhide that softens to a deep red over time. The shape remains classic and clean with the soft round corners allowing it to blend into any situation. They retail at around R5000 and can be found here.





Vanuatu is situated just west of Fiji and if you manage to find you way onto this isolated island, you will be sure to find something truly spectacular. The blue holes contain some of the most crystal clear fresh water found anywhere on the planet. Surrounded by rain forest, these deep pools make a perfect spot for a mind blowing dive or snorkel. Called the Island of Hidden Treasure, Espiritu Santo is the largest of Vanuatu’s islands. If scuba isn’t your cup of tea, then the caves and white sand beaches are there to be explored. So, what are you doing this weekend?


Pure Fix Cycles


Fixed gears are fast becoming the coolest thing on the roads these days. The reason for this is not only the sleek undressed look of the frame but also the vast array of colours you can choose from that makes each fixie as unique as its rider. You can basically change the colour of every aspect of a fixie to suit your mood. Pure Fix Cycles gives its customers a wide variety of colours to choose from, with the option to change the grips and the handle bars. Their fixies also come with a flip-flop rear hub that gives you the option to change from a fixed gear to a single speed.  Pure Fix fixies retail for around R 2 700 and are worth every penny. Ride yours here…        


Simplicity is everything these days. Clean uncluttered design allows designers to focus on the details and emphasis the quality of the products they produce. Saturdays Surf takes this design philosophy to heart with most of their gear including this, the SURF Box tee. The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton, is available is various colours and retails for around R 330. Wear it here…