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No Skinny Dipping…Alone!


It’s a pretty simple concept! Drop your drawers, find some water and have a splash. The thrill of being so exposed, the risk of being caught and the shared partnership in “whatever happens at least I’m not alone!” The term “skinny dip” was first coined in England in the 1950’s. Up until the 1970’s swimwear was not allowed in pools and swimming in the buff was compulsory in many British and American schools. Now it’s more about the adrenaline rush you get by breaking the law! The question remains, “What are you doing this weekend?”



Vanuatu is situated just west of Fiji and if you manage to find you way onto this isolated island, you will be sure to find something truly spectacular. The blue holes contain some of the most crystal clear fresh water found anywhere on the planet. Surrounded by rain forest, these deep pools make a perfect spot for a mind blowing dive or snorkel. Called the Island of Hidden Treasure, Espiritu Santo is the largest of Vanuatu’s islands. If scuba isn’t your cup of tea, then the caves and white sand beaches are there to be explored. So, what are you doing this weekend?





The 60’s were for real men! It gave use the Beatles, Martin Luther King, rock ‘n roll, the Cuban Missile Crisis, civil rights, the first heart transplant, the first Moon landing, contraceptives, hippies, feminism, gay rights, the mini skirt and  well the list goes on. People we’re pushing the limits, questioning authority and living life to the max. Journalist and Explorers Club fellow Jim Clash has compiled 14 interviews with scientists, athletes and explorers who dared to reject the ordinary!  It’s available in e-Book format for around R 130…



Crete, Greece.


So this post usually only happens on Friday but seeing as though our long weekend starts today we’ve decided to bend the rules. OppiKoppi, one of SA’s biggest music fests and most outrageously crazy events of the year, is where we’ll be! It’s going to be one for the record books…