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Clarks has consistently been churning out men’s shoes over the years and these are no exception! The Desert Trek style was originally created in the 70’s and is still pretty popular. It’s iconic centre seam with crepe sole make for some legendary kicks. They are made from genuine leather and come in various colours including dark brown, black and tan. Get yours for around R 700 here




As this week is dedicated to gear you’ll need at Rocking the Daisies, we thought we’d throw in some local awesomeness! Most Capetonians have probably seen a Resail duffel bag when they ventured into Hout Bay. Started by two brothers who thought that old sails deserve a second chance, the All Sail duffel bag is made completely out of used yacht sails. Each bag is slightly different as the markings of their previous life still remain and add to the bags character. The Resail duffel bags are also semi-water. Overall it’s the perfect accessory for Rocking the Daisies, local and green! Grab yours from KIPH for R 1 295.



Obviously we won’t leave you hanging; there is no way you could head to Rocking the Daisies without some pretty special eyewear! Verde Styles, a rad bamboo eyewear brand, and Ugmonk, a minimalist t-shirt brand, have teamed up to create a pair of limited edition sunglasses. Bamboo makes good glasses, its light, can handle the bumps and it grows like weeds so it’s pretty sustainable. The frames are handmade and come with polarized lenses, a bamboo cases and microfiber pouch. They sell for around R 960 and are available here



In the build-up to Rocking the Daisies this coming weekend, we thought we’d put together a “Rocking the Daisies Essentials Style Guide”. To kick it off we have this floral twill five panel cap by Flatspot. Floral prints are a little more vintage and a lot less feminine these days. The cap is made from heavyweight brushed bull denim and is made in the US. It fit perfectly into the Rocking the Daisies vibe well come in handy when you jamming in the sun! A few other options are available for around R 290 and you can grab yours here


Missoni x Converse Collaboration


What happens when a legendary streetwear brand teams up with a luxury brand? Pure street class! Converse and Missoni decided to go with a special edition of the iconic Pro Leather and Auckland Racer shoe designs. The collection is made from a variety of twenty end-of-line fabrics and is unisex so no one has to miss out. 

Pac-man Wayfarer Sunglasses


Pac-man defined our childhood! In the 80’s Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde and Pac-man changed our lives and now they are back. Ketchupize run by owner Tina is bringing Pac-man back in a big way. She hand paints each piece, with high quality acrylic that won’t crack or fade and seals it with varnish. Tina is funk-ing up summer and we are stoked to join the party! You should definitely hook yourself up with a pair of these for around R 400 here

Infinite Watch x Mykonos Design


Mykonos Design kick started their crusade for awesome products at good prices in 2009. Although they look to sell all their kit at competitive prices, it didn’t stop them from looking into some truly outrageous product features. We are talking about stationary hands with rotating watch faces and watchstraps that match your Facebook relationship status (if that’s your thing). The Infinite watch combines the rotating watch faces with its elegant simplistic design to give you that understated class. Retailing for around R 1 100 and available here…   



Summer is coming and well if you haven’t heard of Illesteva, you are missing out! Started in 2009, their eyewear is hand-made in France, Germany and Italy. They continually experiment with new shapes and materials like acetate, bamboo, wood and titanium. The Leonard is a design we are particularly fond of. The combination of round frame with wood gives the sunglasses a 21st century retro cool. Illesteva really know their stuff when it comes to eyewear, and you might even see Daniel Craig sporting around in his pair. Wear them here


New Zealand is a small country with a lot to offer! They have given us the Lord of the Rings set, All Blacks rugby and now this, I Love Ugly. I Love Ugly is a Kiwi brand that is inspired by everything to do with design. This boxing duffle is hand-made from genuine leather in Auckland. It’s hard wearing and meant for everyday use. This stylish accessory is perfect for gym or a short business trip. It retails for around R 2 700 and is available here

Common Projects shoes are more Bruce Wayne, less Tony Stark! They have a simple understated appeal without the unnecessary clutter and flashy styling’s adopted by many other brands. This grey suede chukka has a narrow body, with a full rubber sole, soft leather and is made in Italy. The chukkas are refreshingly simple and will go with a large variety of clothing options. They retail for around R 3000 and are available here