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The Art of Shaving


Shaving is something most of us deal with on a daily basis. Being well groomed is an essential these days. Out with the barbarian and in with the gentleman! The Art of Shaving has recently created this, the Ocean Kelp. The kit includes pre-shaving oil, shaving cream, after shave, shaving brush made from badger hair and a hand-crafted Thiers-Issard straight razor. An old school kit for the new school gentleman!



Ultimate Grooming Kit


Grooming is important! There is no way of getting around that but it becomes a nightmare when you’re travelling and don’t have the things you need to look good. This toiletry kit designed by a German company is the perfect travel companion. It has everything from a toothbrush, razor, clippers, shaving brush and a host of other essentials. James Bond doesn’t look like that by accident…


Its cool when you can pull off the rugged i-don’t-really-care-what-i-look-like-but-really-this-took-ages look but if you can’t that’s ok. Aesop an Australian skin care brand has put together the ultimate grooming kit! It contains a variety of products that help freshen you up and hide the signs that you are being over worked. 

Get groomed for V-Day


Right lads…So it’s time to tame your man fro, get some new threads and learn to mix her favourite drink! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you need to get your Casanova on. So shape up, trim down and tuck in…Your time has come!



Its widely known that South Africans swear by Zam-Buc and why not that stuff is pure magic!! But if by some chance you haven’t really bought into the healing powers of the people favourite then here is something that could help…Bucklers Chapped Skin Remedy is a concoction of Chamomile, Calendula, Aloe Juice, and Shea butter that is really good for you and it is VEGAN friendly!




Its every mans right to grow and shape his "luxury" the way he wishes. Unfortunately, as with everything in life, our "luxury" is subject to the scrutiny and judgement of others. We therefor have to be careful when selecting the style of said "luxury" to ensure that facial cohesion [defined by the dictionary of Kiph as the result of selecting a "luxury" style that matches the personality and choice of alcoholic beverage of its wearer] occurs. In the words of our favourite Springbok coach PDivvy "You don't buy a car when you need a house".       


The ultimate mark of a true beer drinking, sports loving, adventure seeking man is the strength of his mustache!! Now the mustache is something every man has come to love, every boy wishes he had and all women love to complain about…but when it comes down to it, every man deserves a little luxury and should be allowed to get the admiration and acknowledgement from their fellow mustache growers that they deserve!! So, how do you optimize the shape and cut of your mustache to ensure that no matter how thick or thin, patchy or complete, light or dark you can always be at your man best??

Well here are a few styles that have faithfully served generations of men before you and stood the test of time!!