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So this drink is kind of your backyard brewery liquor! It originated in the Depression and is made from wine, herbs and spices and moonshine. The put it in whatever they could find which happened to be milk bottles! It’s not the most sophisticated brew out but we have it on good authority that it sure is tasty…Cape Town is going to love this!



The blokes at Hudson’s Distillery are our kind of people! Burning the box of convention and looking to create something mind blowing…They make a range of interesting whiskies from a Manhattan Rye to a New York Corn! Old school handcrafted spirits for the 21st Century…Drink more here


So we couldn’t quite find the recipe for this little morsel but it’s a sandwich so how hard can it be! We say take a slice of banana bread, smother it in peanut butter, top with sliced banana, drizzle with maple syrup and sprinkle with some pecans. Enjoy:) 


Here’s a great suggestion, how about broccoli and spinach folded into a creamy filling made from parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta and finally stuffed into pasta shells? We know right? It sounds delicious! Don’t stress we’ve got the recipe for you’re here. Apparently women do know best! Eat it here… 


So this is a great little recipe to get some spice back into your life! This is a phenomenal combo, spicy lamb koftas, tzatziki, coriander and lime pesto and some pita bread. It’s not the simplest recipe in the world but pulling this off will surely make you look like a master chef! Eat it here


This is taking pancakes to a whole new level! The Spicy Chocolate Mousse Crepe Cake looks delicious…It does take more than your average cook to pull off but certainly worth the time and effort! Eat it here



Obama is Sweet as Candy


What is the measure of true fame? Having your face put on the national currency? Not quite! The height of your stardom comes when people start naming candy after you…Obamamints is the taste of change bought to you by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Their tagline “Yes we candy.” Pure genius!! 


AMAZING! So cake might not be your thing or perhaps normal deserts don’t quite fit into your P90X workout…How about sorbet? This mixed berry and citrus sorbet is absolute luxury. Try serving this the next time you cook for your better half and see what happens! Eat it here… 


“Gin made ODDLY,” is probably the best way to describe Hendrick’s Gin. We suspect a distant relation of the Mad Hatter with their curious approach to gin making. They make batches of 1000 litres or less to give their master distiller more control as he works his magic. Tea party anyone? Drink it here

Grown Up Soda for Grown Ups


Sorry no booze here…Grown Up Soda or Gus is just juice! All natural, pasteurized and kosher, Gus is caffeine free and only lightly sweetened. For the health junky its low in calories, so no worries there bru!