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We’d like to announce the arrival of a brand that is sure to rock the republic, Fennek! Fennek is local South African brand, who are so passionate about their products that they make everything by hand. Hand cut, hand dyed, hand stitched, hand everything! Their Slim Wallet is the first of their products to join the KIPH family and definitely not the last. It’s made from genuine leather and has a single pocket that ensures you will avoid that awkward bulge. Each wallet varies in shade due to it being hand dyed, making each wallet individual and totally kiff! Available now from KIPH for R 629… 



So spring is finally upon us and here at KIPH that can only mean one thing…time to blow your minds with our new Spring Collection. But for your own safety and in order to be dramatic we aren’t going to release it all at once. No instead we have decided to make Mondays the KIPHest day of the week by sending new products your way every Monday for the next month.

To kick this party off we have a new range of neck ties and bow ties from Capetonian brand Good Heavens. As always the quality and craftsmanship of these all-cotton ties is exceptional. The neck ties are represented by soft, pale colours while the bow ties are brighter but still maintain the clean sophisticated styling. Find the collection here…     



KIPH has been nominated in the 7th annual South African e-Commerce Awards. The Awards were designed to give recognition to SA’s top sites. They look at aspects such as design, customer service, return policies, product range and a bunch more. Round 1 is currently on its way and we need your awesomeness! Public voting is open until the 16th of September so be a legend and hook us up with a shout out. It’s time to show the big dogs what the little guys are made of! Reject the Ordinary.

Oh and did we mention you can win an iPad just for voting?

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