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What The Fork? #WTF


Fork by David Schwen!

Take a Chance!



The 60’s were for real men! It gave use the Beatles, Martin Luther King, rock ‘n roll, the Cuban Missile Crisis, civil rights, the first heart transplant, the first Moon landing, contraceptives, hippies, feminism, gay rights, the mini skirt and  well the list goes on. People we’re pushing the limits, questioning authority and living life to the max. Journalist and Explorers Club fellow Jim Clash has compiled 14 interviews with scientists, athletes and explorers who dared to reject the ordinary!  It’s available in e-Book format for around R 130…



Bernie Gross the creator of BAMitsBernie has created an eclectic set of WWF Legends Minimalist Posters. The posters take us back to the good old days of choke slams and cloths lines. Bernie included some of the biggest names of the day such as “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Worrior and more. Each poster shows the wrestlers most significant feature and finishes off with their signature move! Selling for around R 165 per print you can pick one up here



Some serious talent went into the making of this print. Dave Williams is the mind behind it. Each ring represents aspect of the games. Green shows the outdoor events, the yellow ring represents the indoor event, red is for all the athletics, black is for London’s architecture, blue shows the water sports and white is for the Olympic venues. Two thumbs up Dave!