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Fiat 500 the Original


The 500 was one of the first truly small cars ever produced. It was made between 1957 and 1975 and sold over 3.5 million units. The engine was as tiny as the body it powered, putting out 479cc in a two cylinder engine. Driving one of these through the garden route with the top open is an experience reserved for a lucky few!


Pure Fix Cycles


Fixed gears are fast becoming the coolest thing on the roads these days. The reason for this is not only the sleek undressed look of the frame but also the vast array of colours you can choose from that makes each fixie as unique as its rider. You can basically change the colour of every aspect of a fixie to suit your mood. Pure Fix Cycles gives its customers a wide variety of colours to choose from, with the option to change the grips and the handle bars. Their fixies also come with a flip-flop rear hub that gives you the option to change from a fixed gear to a single speed.  Pure Fix fixies retail for around R 2 700 and are worth every penny. Ride yours here…        

Ducati Pantah x JVB Moto


Some people are just awesome at what they do and the lads at JVB are some of those people! This particular retro cruiser is called the Ducati Pantah. Designed to look like it was found in an old shed in Bologna, the Pantah features narrow wheels to keep that old school-ness with a dash of new age materials like carbon fibre. The designer is an obvious fan of café racers and let’s be honest, what’s not to love! 

Green Dream x Townsend Cycles


Bicycles are back! Rising fuel prices, traffic and poor health are some of the reasons why people are opting for bikes instead or cars. You can choose from mountain bikes, to road bikes, or to our choice fixed gears, to change the way you live! This particular fixie is called Green Dream and was made by Townsend Cycles. They hand build each bike specifically for the owners, ensuring that each bike is as unique as you are! Its look is simple and beautiful, combining the old-school racer with classic cruiser. A custom build goes for around R 18 500 and is available here


Steve McQueen was a speed freak! He had a pretty impressive garage which included this, the 1956 Jaguar XKSS. It was a straight six and produced 250 HP. Steve got more than his fair share of tickets and it’s easy to see why! Summer is around the corner and having one of these to thrash around on the weekend with will make it so much more the sweeter.

Vintage Red Vespa


We all in some way or another love Vespa’s. Even if you don’t ride one, there is something about this iconic Italian scooter that you can’t help but love! Vespa was started in 1946 in Florence, Italy. Piaggio, the owners of Vespa, focused on aerodynamics which was only really used in the aviation industry and was one of the first to use monocoque construction. They grew from 2500 sales in 1947 to over 60 000 sales in the 1950’s. Vestoration is a Cape Town based restorer and they do some phenomenal work. If you don’t have a Vespa yet you can pick a fully restored model up for around R 20 000! Worth every penny. 

Classified Moto KT600


What are you riding this weekend? Well if you’re Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff, it will be this 1987 Honda XL600R. So it’s not exactly how Honda made it, Classified Moto worked their magic to create another truly spectacular café racer. Having total creative freedom, the only original part left is the Honda frame and even that was heavily modified!


Porsche 964 Sexy as Hell


You might be thinking, “Those tools at KIPH don’t know a 911 when they see one!”  We know this is a 911. 964 is the name used internally at Porsche for the version of the 911 produced between ’89 and ’94. It was the first 911 to offer triptronic automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Also Phil Dunphy has one, which makes it legendary!

Retro Side Walk Surfers


As is the trend these days, what’s old is new and what’s new is not new? What? Many board companies are starting to remake the classic banana board! These robust little cruisers are the ultimate blend of retro skate style and 21st century material. If a long board is a guitar then the banana board is a ukulele, less serious and a lot of fun! 

1971 E-type Jag Grrrr


Here at KIPH we try to act like adults but unfortunately there are some things from our childhoods that make us act more like 13 year old girls at a Bieber concert! This is not the first time we have blogged about the E-type and it is certainly not the last. The E-type is probably, in our humble and biased opinions, the most iconic and beautiful car ever made which Enzo Ferrari would agree with. Malcolm Sayer who designed the E-type was one of the first engineers to apply aerodynamic principles to his work. Produced in Coventry from 1961 to 1974, Jaguar sold over 70 000 to 70 000 of the world happiest people. In 2008 it ranked first in the Daily Telegraphs list of 100 most beautiful cars of all time… And that folks is a fact!