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Most of you won’t know who they are but llot Vintage is giving new life to vintage rangefinder cameras. They remember the days before Kodak lost the plot and declared bankruptcy. Most of the models they refurbish are from 1939 to 1966, including this Canonet QL17 Mansonia. It’s not for the amateur photographer but the pros will love this. 



This phenomenal piece of kit was developed by Victor Hasselblad and was renowned for its robustness, mechanical accuracy and for accommodating a wide range of top notch lenses. It’s so good in fact that NASA chose it for use in space, but then again they did send a monkey into space so their choices are questionable!


There is a certain modesty that wood adds to a product like this. We’ve seen it in sunglasses, wallets and now headphones. These are the LCD-2 from Audeze, they are made from Caribbean Rosewood and if they sound as good as they look then it will be R 8 200 well spent. With the mix of wood, dark metal and leather they exude a coolness that is hard to find! 



So everyone always rages about their new Sony or Nikon which is usually more complicated to use than most space shuttles! Lomo is uncluttered coolness… Easy to use, funky design and vintage pics, what’s not to love? The La Sardina with its powerful flash will take you on a journey you won’t want to miss…


The Modern Record Console is a sort of tribute to an era when the “all-in-one” hifi was at its prime… Create by Symbol this cabinet is individually crafted from solid American Walnut. Under the hood this baby has a hand built tube amplifier and turntable. It displays the seamless mix of “old school” electronics and 21st century wireless technology.



Here’s another reason we love the 60’s; the Motorola Console Record Player. We aren’t quite sure on the exact date but we do know it’s awesome! There is no experience involved in downloading an album but with this beauty it will take you back to a simpler time…


Vintage cameras are the BOSS! Although Instagram allows you to give your pics a retro feel, it’s kind of like choosing instant coffee over a cappuccino…The M4 was produced in 1967 and ended in 1975. It has a self-timer, frame selection levers and a faster loading system than the M3. It seems like in the 1960’s all people did was blow minds!


You used to head for Sunday lunch at your grandparents’ house, where you would find your grandfather listening to his favourite Frank Sinatra record…Then the DJ’s took over, we started listening to CD’s and the DJ’s started spinning. And now it’s back…The turntable is making its comeback! This is the TT-2 from Audio Note which has increased torque and stability…You can’t say that about a download!


The inevitable has happened, man’s first real accomplishment FIRE has finally been turned into a product of the 21st Century!  Gas fireplace manufacturer Escea has produced a range of fireplaces with Wi-Fi connectivity, which means you can control the flame with your smartphone…Your bachelor pad just got a little hotter!


Okay so we have been waiting for some time now for Canon to join the party with its mirrorless camera but no luck yet! So David Riesenberg decided it’s time to give us a sneak peek into what he thinks it’s going to look like…If it looks this good we hope they release it sooner rather than later!